Compilers, interpreters, JIT, pre-processors, grammars, register allocation,
refactoring, assemblers, term rewriting, LLVM, optimizations, MSIL,
parsers, dragons and more are what we do and what brought us to computer
science in the first place.

Raincode Labs is the largest independent compilation technology company in the world, with a
wide scope of products and services covering a wealth of techniques,
platforms and geographies, partnering with the biggest names in the

You can also count on an open culture based on mutual trust and a respectful, healthy work-life balance, including flexible working hours, a homeworking policy, as well as a diversified salary and benefits package.

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The Raincode Labs team

  • Nadia

    Finance & Admin. Support

  • Markus


  • Benjamin


  • Julien


  • Darius


  • Kids @ Work

    Raincode Lab's 1st Annual Kids @ Work Day!

    “ Last week we celebrated our 1st annual Kids @ Work Day, with games, activities, pizza, music, and, of course, authentic Belgian Waffles! ”

  • Conference : Is it Time for RISC and CISC to Die?

    By Aaron Smith

    “ Raincode was pleased to welcome Principal Researcher Aaron Smith from Microsoft. Aaron is also part-time Reader in the School of Computer sciences at the University of Edinburgh. ”

  • Belgian Afterwork Party

    Because Brussels is at the cornerstone of Raincode

    “ Because our experienced professionals, our talented marketing and commercial team and our caring HR and support team come from diverse backgrounds including 15 different nationalities, we decided to celebrate Belgium together. Remove ”